Gadzooks - Issue #1

  • Gadzooks - Issue #1

Gadzooks is a surreal and satirical, best-selling, British, low-brow adult comicbook, drawn in the classic 'comix' style. (16 pages. High quality, full colour, card cover with 80gsm black and white interior pages.)

Taking a sideways, glance at modern life with weird horror, mad humour, regular characters, gag strips, and always high quality art, it includes feature episodes of the graphic novel: 'Erasercrumb - The stairway to a whole attic full of crazy'. 

The first edition was limited to 50 copies and was signed and numbered by the artist. All future copies of the second print run are signed (but not numbered) by the artist.

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Artist, Bramwell, grew up in the 1970s and was an avid reader of underground comix as well as being an art student who drew his own comics. After a lifetime in the design and advertising world he has returned to recreate a comic that celebrates the 'golden age' of independent comic makers.

Concentrating on fully hand drawn content (no computers are used until the print stage) is an arduous task and each page can take as much as three days to complete. The skill of the artist's hand is evident in every pen stroke.

By channeling a whole host of artists, comic styles and themes, he has forged his own cast of regular characters to explore the weirder side of modern life. The initial launch proved such a huge success that the initial print run sold out in just 4 weeks.



"If you like the art of Robert Crumb, Bryan Talbot, Gilbert Shelton, MAD and the 'classic comix' style you'll really love this immensely detailed and lovingly crafted work"
"Great production, nice silly psychedelic stories and good art. Enjoyed reading it" - Tony Bennett. Knockabout Comics.
"I was quite excited when I found out about this new independent underground comic - and now I've got my own personally signed copy of the first issue of Gadzooks in my grubby mitts, I'm even more excited to hear the second issue is just around the corner! The work that has gone into creating this little beauty from scratch is quite mind boggling. Inspired by the likes of Robert Crumb and Gilbert Shelton, the artist has done an outstanding job in keeping the spirit of the original 60s/70s comix alive - but with modern themes and subjects. You absolutely don't have to be into 'comics' to appreciate this piece of art (although the 'Erasercrumb' strip is my personal favourite here), as any stories in these psychedelic artefacts are secondary to the insanely detailed, mind-blowing quality of the entirely hand-drawn artwork! In today's bland, digitised world, it's refreshing to see somebody keeping the alternative flag flying! 🏴‍☠️ (The bonus Lemmy card was a nice touch too!👌)" - Art Phigment
"Painstakingly hand drawn, and the love of the pen-and-ink artform balances with the stunning attention to detail. Every frame is a masterpiece! - the result of hours, even days, of meticulous, back-breaking, eye-aching attention to detail. It deserves our gaze, yet withstands our scrutiny. This isn't a comic to be gobbled! This is a fine meal." - Dave Thorp, award-winning director, DOP and film producer.

Happy fan mail:

"Like Mad Magazine on acid" - James

"Amazing quality comic book!!!" - Myles

"Weird, wacky, and wonderful. I need a second copy" - Nathan

"Arrived this morning. Read it twice already ! It's awesome! - Micky

"Brilliant artwork. Right up my street" - Josh